Dave Clarke

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Dave is acutely aware of the vital importance of a healthy work/life balance, and he values his spare time with friends and family. Dave travels regularly with his family, and has explored much of the world. He laments (and exhilarates) that his to-do list gets longer each year, not shorter! When he is not on the road, Dave soaks up the beachside lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast, and is an active member of his local Surf Lifesaving Club. He is adamant that his volunteer work as a lifesaver, as well as his attempts to run, cycle and swim each week, are vital elements to his maintaining a 'positive psychology'. Dave will also often be spotted after hours frequenting the alfresco dining venues of the Noosa area!

Dave immensely enjoys - and is passionate about - his work with men, women, couples, families and children. Ripple Psychology's extended operating hours guarantee that you will have little or no wait time to see either Dave or his practice partners Imogen Sartor or  Melita Inglis. Ripple Psychology's earliest sessions start at 7am and the latest finish at 9pm, and we offer weekend sessions too.

In addition to individual treatments for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, Dave has run groups for anger management, domestic violence, self awareness and self management, anxiety and depression. Groupwork will be offered at Ripple Psychology in the near future, for those that appreciate the power of connecting and working with others towards shared life goals.

Dave often adopts a Schema Therapy framework in his work with individuals as well as in his work with couples. Please click on the 'Resources' tab to see the materials that Dave uses with clients to support this approach.

In his work with children (and also with adults), Dave draws on the principles of Choice Theory as a useful framework for understanding and responding to challenging behaviour. He also uses a Rock and Water framework in his work with developing youngsters, particularly boys, as they grapple with the emerging physicality of (impending) adolescence.

Dave Clarke was schooled in Zimbabwe, England, Australia and South Africa, before completing his training at Newcastle University (NSW) and Charles Darwin University (NT). He has been studying and practising psychology for over thirty years. He has worked with children and families across northern and eastern Australia (NSW, QLD and NT) and also overseas (the UK and USA). As well as working with high needs children in therapeutic residential services, Dave has spent many years as a school Guidance Counsellor in both primary and secondary schools, working with students, parents and teachers to achieve positive outcomes. This is a skill-set and experience base that he brings to his work at Ripple Psychology, working collaboratively with the adults - including of course the Guidance Counsellor at the student's school - that play large parts in the lives of the children he treats.

Outside of the school sector, most of Dave's psychotherapy has been with adults, in large agencies such as Relationships Australia or in smaller community agencies, as well as in private practice. He uses an eclectic approach that draws on Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution Focused Therapy. Dave is also excited to be consolidating his experience base in Emotion Modulation Therapy, an approach endorsed by the World Health Organisation that provides a novel response to managing anxiety, other mood disorders and suicidality.

Treatment areas:

Dave has experience and expertise in the following areas: affective disorders, anxiety, academic performance, anger management, behaviour problems, bullying, burnout, child psychology, conduct disorders, conflict resolution, couples therapy, critical incident stress debriefing, custody issues, depression, emotional abuse, family therapy, general psychology, grief and loss, health psychology, learning difficulties, life coaching, mediation, men's issues, mental health, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorders, personality assessments, relaxation training, school issues, self-esteem and self-development, self-harm, sexuality, shyness & social skills deficits, sleep disorders, sports psychology, stress, suicide, supervision, teenagers, trauma, women's issues, work related issues and workshops.