Children & Parenting

Children, Adolescents and Parenting

Being a parent today is challenging but we are here to help. We provide psychological services for children, adolescents and parents to help create happy families who understand each other's needs.

One of our female psychologists Jessie McDonald is trained in the Positive Parenting Program, and is eager to share the challenges - and some solutions - to the ever-increasing complexity of modern parenting. Amy Sayers works extensively with children, and has particular expertise in autism and other developmental disabilities. Amy helps families negotiate the NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Our male psychologist Dave Clarke has a comprehensive background in child and adolescent issues, and has worked in mainstream schools as well as adolescent residential care for many years. His comprehensive paediatric background gives him the knowledge and experience to support you and your child or teenager. Dave uses Choice Theory and other frameworks to formulate solutions to challenging behaviour.

Some of the most common challenges facing children and their parents today include:

    • Academic performance

    • School refusal

    • Bullying

    • Peer dynamics

    • Social skills

    • Teacher conflict

    • 'Oppositional or defiant' behaviour

    • Conduct disorders

    • Family disruption

    • Custody issues

    • Panic attacks

    • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

    • Self esteem and anxiety

    • Excessive worrying

    • Sleep issues

    • Self harming

    • Eating issues

    • Anger problems

    • Mood swings

    • Depressive symptoms

    • Trauma experiences

    • Sexuality issues.. to name a few!

Both Ripple Psychologists take a holistic approach to assisting children and their families, and will expect you the parent or carer to play an active part in working with us to establish solutions. Where appropriate, and with your express permission, liaison with the child's school and its support staff will be explored as well - the wealth of knowledge regarding your child that schools can contribute is invaluable.