Covid Safety

All Queensland health practitioners are currently mandated to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to provide services in clinic, or to hold valid medical exemptions. All Ripple Psychology psychologists meet these vaccination requirements and will continue providing services in our clinic as well as telehealth services, and one psychologist will be providing telehealth only until further notice.

There is as yet no mandate for health service clients to be vaccinated, and unless regulations change, psychology services at Ripple Psychology remain available to all clients irrespective of vaccination status. We do encourage the use of telehealth services for clients who have particular vulnerability or risk factors, including vaccination status, Covid or other illness symptomology, or exposure to household or community risk factors.

You may have noticed our four state of the art air purifiers, one in each consulting room at the clinic, as well as the reception room. The Australian-made Inovaair V9 hospital grade units each use HEPA filters “designed for use in clinical environments primarily for the removal of aerosol-based viral and bacterial contaminants”. The SARS-CoVC-2 virus is approximately 0.1 micron in diameter and the V9 HEPA filter boasts a Viral Filtration Efficiency of greater than 99.997%, so we have made the clinical environment at Ripple Psychology as safe as possible!

Of course, standard Covid-safe practices such as social distancing and hand sanitising remain central to clinic practices in all consult rooms as well as the waiting room.

However, if you decide that the increased community prevalence of the virus means you are safer not attending the clinic in person, we are more than happy to deliver your psychology sessions by telehealth. Just alert your psychologist, or May our admin officer on the contact details below, who will adjust accordingly.


  • All Ripple Psychologists on site are fully vaccinated or hold valid medical exemptions

  • clients have no current requirement to be vaccinated

  • precautions are in place to enhance Covid safety for clinic services

  • only telehealth services are available for any clients with Covid or other illness symptomology

  • telehealth remains available to all clients preferring not to attend the clinic in person

  • updates to this advice will be posted on the website

We look forward to continuing to work with you to enhance your mental health and wellbeing.

Regards, Dave, Melita, Amy, Aleksandra, Lisa, Aaron and Caren

Ripple Psychology