Couple's Therapy

Relationships can be tough, but seeking help is a very important first step to healing the hurt and finding your path to reconnection. Dave Clarke is ready to assist and conducts relationship counselling. It is not always necessary for both partners to be present for all sessions, and in fact it is usually beneficial to conduct some individual work with each partner in parallel with relationship therapy. Please discuss your individual needs with your psychologist prior to or in the initial session.

Each relationship is unique of course, but some common obstacles that some relationships encounter at some point include:

    • communication disruptions

    • parenting disputes or pressures

    • financial or legal issues

    • career pressures

    • gambling problems

    • alcohol and other substance use

    • work/life balance challenges

    • illness and injury/pain

    • mood swings and disorders

    • anger and domestic violence

    • infertility

    • grief and loss

    • infidelity issues

    • sexuality issues

    • life transitions such as family additions etc

    • step and blended family dynamics

    • care of elderly parents

    • 'empty nest' experiences and retirement

    • relocation and other adjustment issues

    • 'managing the in-laws' and other extended family challenges

  • ..and plenty more of course..