Michelle Savill

Michelle Psychologist
Michelle is a provisionally registered Psychologist working under the supervision of Dave Clarke at Ripple Psychology.  Michelle's aim is to provide psychological therapy in a warm, inclusive and friendly environment.

Michelle has experience working in research and clinical practice across many facets of psychology including early education, suicide prevention, crisis counselling and in a supportive role providing care co-ordination for people living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Michelle completed her initial training at Deakin University in Victoria where she completed a Bachelor degree (Psychology and International Relations) which originally ignited her interest in learning more about behavioural science. Michelle successfully completed her bachelor degree and went on to complete her Honours year, a fourth year of study, that was necessary for Michelle to gain entry into her 5th year of study, a Masters degree, which she finalised in 2019.

Michelle has a particular interest in working with young families and providing a safe environment for individuals to explore difficult past experiences to gain a better understanding of self.

Michelle's private time is spent at home with her young family of five, family and friends.

Contact Michelle to make a booking: [email protected] or call Reception on 0481 389 987.